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If you want to get a taste of real nanotechnology products you are at the right place.  

Glass Coatings

Coatings for building glass,

facades, pool fences , windows and balustrades  

Automotive Products  

Performance Products

Made in Australia

Glass Surface Preparation
Surface Preparations

Products to prepare old or

new glass

Concrete protection
Concrete and Stone

Absolute unique products

Cost effective , durable

and sometimes mind-blowing technology

Marine Products

Protect  surface in the marine environment

Easy to Clean
Solar Panel Products

Products to keep your panels efficient  for 10 years +

Professional Applicators

Products in commercial sizes.

We ship any order worldwide  

  nanoshop-metal care

      Products for durable metal

           care and protection

Why choose Nanoshop products ?

Take a look at these great reasons!

All our materials are manufactured with the latest technology. The products are creating very thin and functional layers instead of  thick films of chemical. Just compare the consumption rates.

This gives you very low coverage rates and consequently the lowest per square foot cost of any products world wide.

Our products are manufactured in Australia according to international ISO 9001:2008 standards . The manufacturer is  in the Nanotechnology business since 2002. It is a award winning technology , best new product DESIGNEX in Sydney, best new product ENTECH Hanoi 2013.

The products are the only certified carbon neutral manufactured products on the market.




Featured Products

Looking for to do a larger project

100 m2 DIY Glass Coating Kit


  • Largest Coating Kit on the market
  • application cloth + surface preparation
  • for up to 100 m2 or 450 sq. ft. of glass
  • The latest glass protection technology
  • Up to 5 years Easy to clean effect
  • The Latest Nanotechnology



  • Penetrating Sealer Concentrate
  • Ultra Concentrate 1 Liter for 50 m2 !
  • Zero VOC
  • LEED Conform
  • Only  1 $ a  m2 for product
  • Solvent free

Shower Protect Pro


  • For up to 10 shower cubicles
  • Glass and glazed ceramic coating
  • With first spray and wipe abrasive prep.
  • Glass and Tile coating for up to 40m2
  • 2 x Military grade preparation cloth
  • 2 x Application cloth + sprayer

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